Наталья Галюк-Каушене

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Natalja Galiuk-Kausiene is a certified psychologist and highly qualified Lifestyle, Personality and Business Coach.  Natalja specializes in helping with overcoming fear, anxiety and loss of loved ones. She helps in improving confidence and building a path to a long-term success, with particular focus on personal relationships and financial well-being. In addition, Natalja works with individuals suffering from eating disorders and addictions. Her qualifications and achievements include:


  • Master’s degree in Economics and Management Studies.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) license.
  • Master Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation).


Natalja became a certified coach 8 years ago and has been practicing since then. Over the years, she had numerous clients, including members from general public, celebrities and prominent people from across Lithuania. In particular, Natalja is focused on helping clients dealing with physical, emotional and psychological issues, such as despair, lack of energy, health problems or career pressure. Many of her clients reported having their personal and career skills vastly improved leading to happier and successful lives.

Сильные стороны

Natalja was trained in NLP by one of its creators, Frank Pucelik. She spent 2 years working closely with him on his NLP training courses. During her time in St Petersburg and Moscow, she studied hypnosis and cognitive therapy. Natalja has over 2500 hours of coaching practice and presented at more than 150 seminars and workshops in beauty conferences across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. She has an extensive carrier in beauty therapy with numerous awards and nominations. Natalja published articles in journals like HAIR, Kosmetic Balticum, Les Nouvelles Esthetique, Laima and Moteris.

Before coaching activity, Natalja achieved professional qualifications in biology, marketing, business management and psychosomatics. In addition, she attended training sessions about stress relieve, overcoming addictions and depressions

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повышение эффективности
развитие soft skills
изменение мышления лидеров
конфликты в коллективе
эффективные коммуникации

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ICF Lithuania, ISM university
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  • Беларусский Государственный Университет бакалавр биологи
  • Вильнюсский Университет Международная Бизнес - Школа

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Международный Эриксоновский университет Коучинга


ICP Центр


Международный университет Global Coaching


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